Best Email Marketing Platforms 2020? Email Marketing Comparison

In this video, I go through 5 best email marketing platforms in 2020. You’ll find an email marketing comparison so you can make a decision on which email marketing software and service to use to build a list of subscribers.

I compare MailChimp vs ActiveCampaign vs AWeber vs GetResponse vs Drip autoresponder services.

I go through the pricing, features, benefits, and tools.

Are you also looking for an autoresponder for affiliate marketing? I go through whether each email marketing software accepts affiliate marketing based on their Terms of Use / Prohibited use.

In this video, I share the results of an email promotion I did for an affiliate product so you can see my process. You’ll learn how I produced the sales, the emails I sent out to my email subscribers, and some affiliate marketing tips.


AWeber –
GetResponse –
MailChimp –
ActiveCampaign –
Drip –

Disclaimer: Some of the links above contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission when you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you.


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Disclaimer: Some of the links above contain affiliate links, meaning I will earn a small commission when you purchase through my link at no additional cost to you.

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